Utah Is the Place for Captives

Why Utah?

There are multiple advantages to forming a Utah domiciled captive. Consider the following when making your decision:

  1. Utah does not impose any premium taxes or any other taxes, only an annual fee. Naturally, personal and real property owned in Utah will be taxed, that money supports the Uniform School Fund.
  2. Utah provides easy access to Regulators and Legislators.
  3. The cost of doing business in Utah is significantly lower than in other States.
  4. Salt Lake City is home to an International Airline hub and is a central location for western states. You can get just about anywhere with a quick direct flight.
  5. Utah is commited to continual technological advancement. This includes providing a seamless online application and annual reporting process.
  6. Utah’s regulatory environment is reasonable and effective.
  7. Utah produces business favorable statutes.
  8. Utah has access to quality service providers.

These factors should induce one to ask, "Why not Utah?"

As you consider Utah for your domicile of choice, please visit the following links that will give you additional information about Utah and the business and work environment it can provide you: